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  1. 100 Papers You Should Read: Molecular Genetics of Human Color Vision: The Genes Encoding Blue, Green, and Red Pigments

    This is the fifth paper in the category, 100 Papers You Should Read (in vision science). This paper in the journal Science by Jeremy Nathans, Darcy Thomas and David Hogness in the genetics of human vision is a landmark paper in our understanding of how color vision works.

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  2. Jumping Spiders Use Image Defocusing For Depth Perception

    A study out in today’s Science Magazine by Takashi Nagata, Mitsumasa Koyanagi, Hisao Tsukamoto, Shinjiro Saeki, Kunio Isono, Yoshinori Shichida, Fumio Tokunaga, Michiyo Kinoshita, Kentaro Arikawa and Akihisa Terakita proposes that jumping spiders at least, use image defocusing to provide depth perception.  Jumping spiders (Salticidae) are the largest family of spiders and have perhaps the best visual […]

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  3. Astrocyte pVHL and HIF-α Isoforms Are Required for Embryonic-To-Adult Vascular Transition In The Eye

    This paper from Toshihide Kurihara, Peter Westenskow, Tim Krohne, Edith Aguilar, Randy A. Johnson, and Marty Friedlander propose a model for the transition from embryonic to adult circulation in the eye  using a combinatorial gene deletion approach with over expression assays, examining astrocyte-targeted deletion of von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor (Vhl), hypoxia-inducible factor-αs (Hif-αs), and VEGF […]

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  4. Functional Activation of Glutamate Ionotropic Receptors in the Human Peripheral Retina

    This paper by Clairton F. de Souza, Michael Kalloniatis, Philip J. Polkinghorne, Charles N.J. McGhee, Monica L. Acosta examines glutamate receptors and their functional activation in the human retina.

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  5. Webvision Year In Review

    2011 was a big year for Webvision.  We moved servers to a new MacPro, served up one million pages, underwent a major redesign in April by moving the database onto WordPress platform, and started the blog portion of Webvision in addition to the traditional chapter content that has made us so popular.

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