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  1. Connectomics Analysis of Rod-Cone Interaction Networks

    This poster and presentation was presented today at the Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology (FASEB) meeting in Steamboat Springs, Colorado by J. Scott Lauritzen, James R. Anderson, Carl B. Watt, Bryan W. Jones and Robert E. Marc.  A large size pdf of the poster can be downloaded here.

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  2. Store-Operated Channels Regulate Intracellular Calcium In Mammalian Rods

    This *very cool* paper in The Journal of Physiology (also featured in the F1000) by authors Tünde Molnar, Peter Barabas, Lutz Birnbaumer, Claudio Punzo, Vladimir Kefalov and David Krizaj examines mechanisms of cytosolic calcium levels in rod photoreceptor cells.

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  3. Astrocytes and Vasculature

    This laser confocal image shows a GFP transgenic mouse retina under the control of the GFAP promoter stained with anti-Collagen IV (blue), anti-GFAP (red) and anti-GFP (green).  These labels not only show the spatial relationship of individual astrocytes to one another, but also the vasculature.   Image provided by Gabriel Luna out of the Steve Fisher and Geoff […]

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  4. Your Central Visual Field by XKCD

    This little bit of visual comic brilliance comes to you by way of XKCD. Click here for the full size image from the XKCD website.  XKCD is one of my all time favorite websites with a new comic posted fairly routinely.  I’ve been following the author of XKCD, Randall Munroe since his very first postings […]

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  5. Cyclin D1 Inactivation Extends Proliferation and Alters Histogenesis In The Postnatal Mouse Retina

    This manuscript by Gaurav Das, Anna M Clark and Edward M Levine explored cell cycle regulation of cyclin D1 and its implications in postnatal retinal development.

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  6. Vision Research EU 2012 Picture Competition Winners

    Vision Research EU has announced the winners of this years Picture Competition.  Winners come from around the world including amazingly beautiful images from Amanda Barber, Nicole Körber, Kasi Sandhanam, Kim Baxter, Mike Francke, Tobias Duncker, Young Joon Jo, Jyan L Crayton, Graham Cater and Reenu Varaiya.  Click the link and check them out.

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  7. Full-Length Axon Regeneration In The Adult Mouse Optic Nerve and Partial Recovery of Simple Visual Behaviors

    Friend of Webvision Yves Sauvé sent in this paper by Silmara de Lima, Yoshiki Koriyama, Takuji Kurimoto, Julia Teixeira Oliveira, Yuqin Yin, Yiqing Li, Hui-Ya Gilbert, Michela Fagiolini, Ana Maria Blanco Martinez, and Larry Benowitz that documents regeneration of the optic nerve in the adult mouse, a potentially substantial breakthrough in therapeutic recovery of vision lost through […]

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