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Long-Term Characterization of Retinal Degeneration in rd1 and rd10 Mice Using Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

This study by Mark E. Pennesi, Keith V. Michaels, Sienna S. Magee, Anastasiya Maricle, Sean P. Davin, Anupam K. Garg, Michael J. Gale, Daniel C. Tu, Yuquan Wen, Laura R. Erker, and Peter J. Francis documents the use of SD-OCT as a robust, non-invasive method for monitoring retinal changes in vivo in rodent models of retinal degeneration.  The approach is so good that it can discriminate retinal detachment differences in different models of retinal degeneration (rd1 and rd10) that share defects on the same gene.

While histology is still the gold standard, this paper documents the further push of new technologies into in vivo approaches of monitoring.  Perhaps we’ll get another boost with 2-photon/OCT approaches coming onto the scene…

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