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  1. Notable Paper: Molecular Analysis Of The Amphioxus Frontal Eye…

    We at Webvision have a fascination with the evolution of the eye and are always looking for interesting papers that help describe from where, how and when vision came.  This paper, Molecular analysis of the amphioxus frontal eye unravels the evolutionary origin of the retina and pigment cells of the vertebrate eye by Pavel Vopalenskya, Jiri […]

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  2. Seminar: Melanopsin Signaling In The Eye

    King-Wai Yau, Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University is delivering a seminar tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 at the Eccles Institute for Human Genetics here at the University of Utah.  Dr. Yau will be talking about Melanopsin Signaling In The Eye. Abstract: The discovery of melanopsin signaling pathway in the eye was voted one of the […]

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  3. Notable Paper: The Molecular Mechanism of Thermal Noise in Rod Photoreceptors

      Phototransduction is the process by which photon capture by opsins in photoreceptors is transduced into a neural signal.    However, there are limits on visual sensitivity that are imposed by thermal means as opposed to the photochemical mechanisms resulting in activation of the phototransduction cascade. The mechanism of this limit has long been a […]

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  4. Seminar: Photoreceptor Networks And Color

    Julie Schnapf, Ph.D. from University California San Francisco is delivering a seminar this Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at the Moran Eye Center auditorium on the first floor.  Julie will be talking about Photoreceptor Networks and Color. Abstract:  Photoreceptors are more than just photon transduction machines.  They also communicate with each other, forming interactive electrical networks […]

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  5. Notable Paper: Partial Rescue of Retinal Function in Chronically Hypoglycemic Mice

    This paper by Yumiko Umino, Nicolas Cuenca, Drew Everhart, Laura Fernandez-Sanchez, Robert B. Barlow and Eduardo Solessio examined late onset retinal degeneration in a model of diabetic retinopathy.  Specifically, this manuscript attempted to examine the impact on retinas from the Gcgr knockout mice with long term high dietary glucose to see if that rescues retinal structure […]

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  6. ISER 2012 Photographs

    Portraits made this year at the ISER meeting are up over on Jonesblog including a special treat from ISER president, Steve Fliesler at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy…

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