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  1. Portrait Of Vision Scientist: Stuart Mangel, Ph.D.

    This image of Stuart Mangel was made in Berlin, Germany at the 2012 ISER meeting.  Stuart is Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Ohio State University.  Stuart came out of John Dowling’s lab at Harvard and has contributed mightily to our understanding of synaptic plasticity, circadian rhythms and retinal circuitry/information processing in the retina. Its […]

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  2. Astronaut Chris Hadfield Explains How Sight Changes In Space

    I ran across this interesting vignette from Astronaut Cmdr. Hadfield (his Twitter account here) on how sight changes in space including the flattening of eyeballs, swelling around the optic nerve and the random flashes of light seen by astronauts.

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  3. The Cilium

    With the exception of a few types of cells, (acinar cells, T lymphocytes and hepatocytes), every cell in your body has a cilia.  In the vision community, we are used to seeing these structures in the distal portion of the photoreceptors.  The reality is that every cell in the retina has a cilium and some cells […]

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