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  1. Interesting Report: Ocular Manifestation of Electrical Burn

    An interesting report in the New England Journal of Medicine describes electrical burns to the eyes of a 42-year old electrician which caused star-shaped cataracts to form in the lenses.  The electrical burn resulted from the gentleman’s shoulder coming into contact with 14,000 volts.  Lens replacement helped mediate some of the vision deficit, but there […]

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  2. Images From ARVO, 2013

    During the holiday break, I finally managed to get a chance to go back through some imagery from the last ARVO.  For those that were waiting for the images, my apologies.  At least they are done before the 2014 ARVO…  See you in Orlando, Florida!    

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  3. Glass Like Retinitis Pigmentosa

    In yet another example of art imitating life.  At the last ARVO meeting, a couple of us went up to the Chihuly garden in Seattle and ran across a piece of blown glass which stunningly, reminded me of what the human retina looks like in a patient suffering from the blinding disease, retinitis pigmentosa. More over on Jonesblog.  

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