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  1. Happy Holidays, 2014 From Webvision

    We at Webvision would like to wish you the very best this holiday season.  As in past years, we like to post an image from retinal science that is somehow evocative of the Holiday Season and this year, Gabe Luna from the Steve Fisher / Geoff Lewis laboratory delivers a stunning image of astrocytes in a […]

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  2. Artist Sargy Mann, Blind For Last 25 Yrs

    The artist Sargy Mann has painted most of his life, but in his mid-30s, progressive development of cataracts followed by retinal detachments and corneal perforations brought complete blindness.  However, Sargy Mann continued to paint, developing an amazing collection of work that has encompassed landscapes, still life work and his latest work, standing figures.  The BBC has […]

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  3. Moran Eye Center Sets Up Eye Camp In Guatemala

    The Moran Eye Center travels globally as one of their missions for International Outreach and provides eye care in remote places around the world that are medically underserved from an ophthalmology perspective. This is a short video showing the Moran Eye Center setting up an eyecamp in Salma, Guatemala on Dec. 9th. This includes moving […]

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  4. Research Funding From Private Institutions/Foundations

    We’ve talked about the research funding crisis before here on Webvision with linked editorials, and discussions of the 2015 funding environment. Increasingly, private foundations are becoming more critical to the survival of laboratories given the dramatic reduction in federal funding of research.  Typically, these kinds of funding resources are not enough to completely run a […]

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  5. Peek Vision, Retinal Exams With Smart Phones

    We talked about using smartphones for ophthalmological examinations before here on Webvision, and we now have a bit more information into the logistics of how the Peek Vision project will be done on this Mashable post with a clip on attachment being developed through funding from an Indiegogo campaign.   There is also a wonderful background video of TED […]

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