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  1. JR Art Installation, Paper Eye With The NYC Ballet

    Browsing through the latest issue of National Geographic, with a must read, but emotionally difficult article on The Invisible War on the Brain, I came across a phenomenal image of an eye that really grabbed my attention.  The French artist, JR did an amazing large-scale photograph installation last February at the David H. Koch Theater […]

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  2. Prado Museum Opens Expo For The Blind

    The famous Prado Museum in Madrid has opened up a new exposition for the blind by making a combination of elaborate copies of six of the museum’s masterworks through 3D printing and painted reproductions.  The whole idea is for the blind to be able to touch the works and open up a whole new arena […]

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  3. Seminar: Protein Diversity Through Modification – Role In Photoreceptor Function

    Ramamurthy Visvanathan from West Virginia University will be delivering a seminar on Protein diversity through modification and its role in photoreceptor function on January 21st, 2015  in the Moran Eye Center auditorium. Abstract:  The enormous diversity of proteins despite limited number of genes is generated by post-transcriptional processing of the pre-mRNA. Post- translational modifications further expand the diversity […]

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  4. TEDEd Evolution Of The Human Eye

    There is a great TED-Ed video on “The Evolution of the Human Eye” with some very clever animation.  The video itself is short and geared towards the college level, and while some of the conjecture at the end contains some far out statements, it is a fun few minutes.  

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  5. Upcoming VIG January 15th @ Noon

    There is an upcoming Vision Interest Group featuring Nduka Enemchukwu from the Fu Lab and Aruna Goruspudi from the Bernstein Lab.  Will be held on November 20th at noon in the west John A. Moran Eye Center Auditorium.

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