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  1. Losing His Sight, This Photographer Chases the Light

    This short video features the art of Steven Erra, a photographer who is losing his vision due to a retinal degenerative disease, yet is generating beautiful work by light painting.  Steven is a member of The Seeing With Photography Collective, a group of sight impaired artists who are making waves in the art world through their imagery […]

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  2. How Animals And Humans See The World Differently

    There is a short video from National Geographic that is a companion to an article by Ed Yong (@edyong209) in National Geographic here.  The photography is wonderful as is typical of National Geographic and is well worth your time. For a more detailed read on the evolution of vision, be sure to check out this […]

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  3. Amazing .gifs By Blind Artist, George RedHawk

    George RedHawk is a legally blind artist who’s medium is animated gifs and his work is truly stunning. There is a really interesting portfolio of his work on Graphic Art News as well as some background on how he manages to create these amazing works here.  In short, he uses photo morphing software to morph […]

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  4. Seminar: Molecular Organization of the First Visual Synapse

    Kirill Martemyanov, Associate Professor at the Scripps Institute will be delivering a seminar on Molecular Organization of the First Visual Synapse, on Wednesday, February 10th at 12pm in the Moran Eye Center auditorium. Abstract: Signaling in the retina plays an essential role in our vision. Light is detected by rod and cone photoreceptors that convert it to […]

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