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  1. Seminar: Upcoming VIG August 21st @ NOON

    Upcoming VIG featuring Alyssa Lolofie from the Levine Lab and Sarah Redmon from the Krizaj Lab. Will be held in the Moran Auditorium West at noon on August 21st, 2014

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  2. February VIG Meeting Announcement

    This is the first Vision Interest Group (VIG) notice here on Webvision.  The VIG is designed as a resource for students and post-docs to present their work/research to their contemporaries and all interested parties who wish to attend and participate. The February VIG at the John A. Moran Eye Center will be held on February […]

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  3. Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Crystal Sigulinsky

    Congratulations to Dr. Crystal Sigulinsky on a successful defense to her dissertation, “Defining the relationship between the homeobox gene Vsx2 and extrinsic signaling in the regulation of retinal progenitor cell properties”.

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  4. Metabolic Profiling of Activated Retinal Glia

    Presented at the Society for Neuroscience meetings in Washington, D.C. by Felix Vazquez-Chona, William Drew Ferrell, Ed Levine, Bryan William Jones and Robert E. Marc.  Full size poster can be seen here.

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  5. Proliferative reactive gliosis is compatible with glial metabolic support and neuronal function

    This paper by Vazquez-Chona FR, Swan A, Ferrell WD, Jiang L, Baehr W, Chien WM, Fero M, Marc RE and Levine EM addresses a long standing issue in the field of neuroscience: is the reactive phenotype of glial cells in and of itself detrimental to neural survival or function?

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  6. Genetic Dissection of p27-Mediated Reactive Gliosis

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