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  1. Faculty Opportunity Moran Eye Center

      The University of Utah Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences invites applications for a full-time position at the level of Assistant/Associate Professor (commensurate w/experience) in the field of visual system function and or/disease. Successful candidates are expected to establish a strong research program funded by federal sources (NIH, NSF), to strengthen the current research […]

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  2. Moran Eye Center Sets Up Eye Camp In Guatemala

    The Moran Eye Center travels globally as one of their missions for International Outreach and provides eye care in remote places around the world that are medically underserved from an ophthalmology perspective. This is a short video showing the Moran Eye Center setting up an eyecamp in Salma, Guatemala on Dec. 9th. This includes moving […]

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  3. Moran Eye Center Researcher Robert E. Marc: 2014 Paul Kayser Award In Retina Research

    Our colleague and Director of Research at the University of Utah‘s Moran Eye Center, Robert E. Marc, Ph.D. has been named by the International Society for Eye Research as a recipient of the Paul Kayser International Award in Retina Research.  The award will be presented to Dr. Marc during the 2014 ISER Biennial Meeting of […]

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  4. Acute Zonal Occult Outer Reinopathy (AZOOR)

    This photo (enlarged image) shows peripheral vasculitis in a patient with Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy (AZOOR). Five images were taken in each eye and composited together to show the peripheral changes taking place in the mid arterivenous phase of the fluorescein angiogram. This image was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center using a 102 […]

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  5. Seminar: Clayton J. Radke, Topical Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

    Clay Radke, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vision Science at University of California, Berkeley (lab page here) will be delivering a seminar, Topical Ophthalmic Drug Delivery on September 23rd, 2013 at 4:00pm in the John A. Moran Eye Center auditorium. Abstract: Despite considerable inefficiency, topical ophthalmic drug delivery remains the main application modality to the […]

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  6. Duk County And Moran Eye Center Outreach At Home And Abroad

    We mentioned some of the outreach work that the Moran Eye Center does a few posts ago.  There is now a documentary, Duk County (trailer linked in the above video) about the humanitarian expedition to South Sudan to restore vision to those who have lost it through cataracts and trachoma mediated blindness.  There is also a […]

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  7. Choroidal Neoplasm

    Choroidal neoplasms are tumors of the choroid of the eye.  The most common intraocular tumors are in fact, malignant melanomas of the choroid which increase in frequency as we age.

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  8. NIH Competition Awards Prizes For Audacious Ideas In Vision Research

    The National Institutes of Health has awarded prizes for audacious ideas in vision research to a number of investigators including our own Dr. Yingbin Fu at the Moran Eye Center. A researcher at the John A. Moran Eye Center has been selected as one of 10 winners by the National Eye Institute (NEI), part of the […]

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  9. Normal Explode

    This image for the Art of Vision category was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center is an artistic rendering created from a fundoscopic of a normal human retina and retinal vasculature.  

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  10. Moran Eye Center International Outreach

    Here on Webvision, our goal is retinal education and even though Webvision is hosted here at the Moran Eye Center, we nevertheless try to include as much of the wider community as possible in posts and in content, though we will point out work that comes of of the Moran Eye Center from time to time. […]

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  11. Congenital Iris Vessel Crossing The Pupil

    Grand Rounds for today is an interesting finding of an anomalous congenital blood vessel that crosses the front of a pupil, relaxing when the pupil is small, and pulling taut when the pupil becomes is dilated.  The image above is relaxed with a small pupil.

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  12. Dr. Gregory Hageman Delivers Congressional Briefing

    The Moran Eye Center‘s Dr. Gregory Hageman delivered a Congressional Briefing on September 20th along with the Alliance for Eye and Vision Research (AEVR) and partners AMD Alliance International, Alliance for Aging Research, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), European Vision Institute and Lighthouse International.  Dr. Hageman spoke as part of a Congressional […]

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  13. Connectomics Analysis of Rod-Cone Interaction Networks

    This poster and presentation was presented today at the Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology (FASEB) meeting in Steamboat Springs, Colorado by J. Scott Lauritzen, James R. Anderson, Carl B. Watt, Bryan W. Jones and Robert E. Marc.  A large size pdf of the poster can be downloaded here.

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  14. Heading To ARVO 2012

    We are on our way to ARVO, 2012!  ARVO is an  annual meeting of researchers and clinicians who’s focus is on the visual system. As happened last year, over the next few days, you will see some of our research abstracts appear on Webvision as the presentations are completed at ARVO.  We hope that it will […]

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  15. Map-Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy

    This is a patient with Map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy, otherwise known as Cogan’s dystrophy.  

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  16. Metabolomic Eye Wins Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

    The image that is used for the avatar here on Webvision has been awarded first place in the journal Science and the National Science Foundation‘s Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge for 2011 (video with interviews here).

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  17. Iris Tumor Goniometer

    Iris tumors are fairly common and have been featured here on Webvision before.  Most “tumors” are actually cysts or benign nevi, but malignant melanomas also can occur.  

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  18. Keratoprosthesis

    This image is from a patient has a keratoprosthesis or artificial cornea.  Photograph was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center using a sclerotic scatter illumination with a Zeiss photo slitlamp and a Nikon D-1X camera.  

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  19. Moran Eye Center Focus, 2011

    The annual Moran Eye Center Focus for 2011 is available here (9.6MB pdf).  

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  20. Iris Tumor

    This image demonstrates an iris tumor that is sitting in the angle.  Photograph was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center using a Goldmann 3-mirror lens scatter illumination with a Zeiss photo slitlamp and a Nikon D-1X camera.    

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  21. Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome (TASS)

    Photographer:  Paula F. Morris, CRA, FOPS  Moran Eye Center.

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  22. Foveal Avascular Zone

    This is normal fluorescein angiogram of a human retina showing the tunic of capillaries that surround the fovea and rather nicely illustrates the Foveal Avascular Zone (FAZ) discussed in The Simple Anatomy of The Retina.  Photograph was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center.  

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  23. Artisan Lens

    The artisan lens is an anterior chamber lens used to treat patients with high myopia.  Photograph was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center using sclerotic scatter illumination with a Zeiss photo slitlamp and a Nikon D-1X camera.

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  24. Ophthalmologic Care In The 1800s

    CBS news has a post up with a collection of photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries of ophthalmologic care from the extensive and excellent archives of The Burns Archive, one of the largest collections of early medical photography in the world curated by Dr. Stanley B. Burns.  Note: some images are potentially disturbing.

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  25. Light-Evoked Synaptic Activity of Retinal Ganglion and Amacrine Cells is Regulated in Developing Mouse Retina

    This paper by Q. He, Wang P and Ning Tian characterizes the developmental profiles of the light evoked excitatory and inhibitory synaptic inputs from ON and OFF synaptic pathways in the retina, the light evoked synaptic outputs and the sensitivity of the light evoked synaptic inputs and outputs to light deprivation of retinal ganglion cells […]

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