Blue Man Group does Rods and Cones

Friend of Webvision, Dr. Steven Fliesler sent this for Webvision community edification.  This performance at The Venetian Hotel is a great example of community education of the vision process by The Blue Man Group and is terrifically entertaining.  Though another friend of Webvision, Dr. Matt LaVail pointed out that that their stated estimate of numbers of photoreceptors is way off (Blue Man Group states 3 million, but Osterberg (in 1935) counted 110-125 million rods and 6.3-6.9 million cones in each eye!!

While that and their notation of temporary blindness on saccades is a gross over simplification, they’re the Blue Man Group, right?  Not a bunch of visual neuroscientists!   So, catch the vibe and rock on.  Webvision heartily endorses fusions of art and science and is always in favor of public science education.