Review: Optogenetic Investigation of Neural Circuits Underlying Brain Disease in Animal Models

Kay M. Tye and Karl Deisseroth have published a really nice review paper in Nature Reviews on using optogenetics toolkits to study neural systems for brain disease.  While the real emphasis of their review is on using optogenetics for behavioral research and they only mention vision in passing with a couple of nods to two of Busskamp’s papers, the article really does a good job of summarizing the general approach to using optogenetics toolboxes to deal with neurodegenerative diseases or investigate neural science.  These approaches are being used by a number of folks (including us in collaboration with others) in the vision sciences to work with retinal degenerative diseases and this review is a rather nice, concise summary of the approaches and tools used for optogenetics.


Image credit:  Bryan William Jones, Ph.D.