Seminar: Ocular Consequences of Stra6 (Retinol-Binding Protein Receptor) Gene Disruption In Mice

Dean Bok from University California Los Angeles is delivering a seminar on October 24th, 2012 in the Moran Eye Center auditorium on the first floor.  Dean will be talking about Ocular Consequences of Stra6 (Retinol-Binding Protein Receptor) Gene Disruption In Mice.

Abstract: We generated a mouse modelin in which the Stra6 gene was functionally disrupted to facilitate the study of visual responses, changes in ocular morphology and retinoid processing under STRA6 protein deficiency.  Western blot and immunocytochemistry were used to determine expression of STRA6 protein.  Visual responses and morphological studies were performed on 6 week, 5 month and 10 month old mice.  The retinoid content of eye tissues was evaluated in dark adapted mice by high performance liquid chromatography.  Our studies of Stra6 -/- mice established the importance of the STRA6 protein for the uptake, intracellular transport and processing of retinol by the RPE.  In its absence, rod photoreceptor outer and inner segment length was reduced as were scotopic responses, but rod cell number remained stable.  Cone cell numbers were reduced as were photopic responses.  STRA6 was also required for dissolution of the primary vitreous.  It was clear from these studies that, due to low but persistent levels of retinoids and a stable rod population, STRA6 is not the only pathway for retinol uptake by the RPE.