Seminar: Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Towards Disentangling Adult Spinal Neural Circuits


The Marclab Connectomics Group presents Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar who will deliver a seminar at the Moran Eye Center tomorrow at 4pm on October 8th, 2013 entitled Towards Disentangling Adult Spinal Neural Circuits.  His talk will discuss the neurobiology of ultrafast spinal motor networks and imaging networks with field ion beam milling connectomics.

What does this have to do with vision?  Connectomics is the field that is allowing us to disentangle the complex network diagrams involved in neural computation and vision.  The Marclab has been the only funded connectomics group in the NEI exploring this work for several years and for the past several months, there has been dialogue with Dr. Rosa-Molinar that has been productive.  We look forward to what he has to stay about his science and the approach he takes towards elucidating structure, function and networks.