Seminar: Polarity, Signaling and Cross-talk In The Outer Retina

Enrique Rodriguez Flyer

Enrique Javier Rodriguez-Boulan, Charles and Margaret Dyson Professor Professor of Cell Biology, Neurosciences and Physiology at the Margaret Dyson Vision Research Institute, Department of Ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medical College will be delivering a seminar on Polarity, Signaling and Cross-talk In The Outer Retina on Wednesday, April 8th at Noon in the the Moran Eye Center auditorium.

Abstract: The polarized structure and function of Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) is key to all of its retinal and choroid supporting functions, as well as for its roles in retinal development. Some of the mechanisms responsible for the reversed polarity of RPE have recently emerged. For example, we have shown that RPE cells lack a basolateral sorting adaptor present in most other epithelial cells. Recent work also suggests that RPE cells play a key role in the terminal differentiation and maintenance of photoreceptors and choroid. I will discuss a project we recently started that aims to build an in vitro model of the outer retina, initially focusing on co- culturing RPE and choroid endothelium. Finally, I will discuss the development of a drug that binds and removes lipofuscin bisretinoids from RPE with the ultimate goal of providing a new therapeutic angle for lipofuscin-induced retinal degenerations