Seminar: Genetics, Mechanism, And New Model Systems For Human Inherited Retinal Diseases

Rui Chen, Professor, Baylor College of Medicine will be delivering a seminar on “Genetics, Mechanism, And New Model Systems For Human Inherited Retinal Diseases” on Wednesday February 27th, 2019 at 12:00pm in the  Moran Eye Center auditorium.  He will also deliver a Grand Rounds Presentation at 8:00am, also in the the Moran Eye Center auditorium.

Abstract: In the last decade, our group has been focusing on understanding the genetics and molecular mechanism of human inherited retinal diseases (IRD). Currently, about 40% of cases remain unexplained by coding mutations in known IRD genes, representing one of the most significant gaps in our current knowledge of the disease. I will be presenting our current efforts to identify novel IRD disease genes and mutations and follow up functional studies through a combination of next generation sequencing, in vitro and in vivo functional assay, and single cell genomics approaches. In addition, our recent results of developing new systems to model IRD, including organoid and non-human primate, will be discussed.