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  1. Paul Witkovsky, Vision Scientist, Artist

    Many vision scientists seem to have a penchant for creating art, and Dr. Paul Witkovsky is no exception.  Paul is a famous vision scientist that spent most of his career at NYU New York City in the department of Ophthalmology. His research spanned the fields of retinal physiology, retinal ultrastructure and pharmacology. His major contribution has […]

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  2. Losing His Sight, This Photographer Chases the Light

    This short video features the art of Steven Erra, a photographer who is losing his vision due to a retinal degenerative disease, yet is generating beautiful work by light painting.  Steven is a member of The Seeing With Photography Collective, a group of sight impaired artists who are making waves in the art world through their imagery […]

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  3. JR Art Installation, Paper Eye With The NYC Ballet

    Browsing through the latest issue of National Geographic, with a must read, but emotionally difficult article on The Invisible War on the Brain, I came across a phenomenal image of an eye that really grabbed my attention.  The French artist, JR did an amazing large-scale photograph installation last February at the David H. Koch Theater […]

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  4. Prado Museum Opens Expo For The Blind

    The famous Prado Museum in Madrid has opened up a new exposition for the blind by making a combination of elaborate copies of six of the museum’s masterworks through 3D printing and painted reproductions.  The whole idea is for the blind to be able to touch the works and open up a whole new arena […]

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  5. Happy Holidays, 2014 From Webvision

    We at Webvision would like to wish you the very best this holiday season.  As in past years, we like to post an image from retinal science that is somehow evocative of the Holiday Season and this year, Gabe Luna from the Steve Fisher / Geoff Lewis laboratory delivers a stunning image of astrocytes in a […]

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  6. Artist Sargy Mann, Blind For Last 25 Yrs

    The artist Sargy Mann has painted most of his life, but in his mid-30s, progressive development of cataracts followed by retinal detachments and corneal perforations brought complete blindness.  However, Sargy Mann continued to paint, developing an amazing collection of work that has encompassed landscapes, still life work and his latest work, standing figures.  The BBC has […]

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  7. Touchable Memories

    “If you were blind, how would you “see” a photo?” This is another area where 3D printing can revolutionize people’s lives.  Making 3D prints from photographs enables physical representation of imagery.  The Singapore based company that is doing this social experiment is called called Pirate3D with easy to use 3D printers.  The director of this film […]

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  8. Call For Proposals, Vision Art Exhibit

    The Moran Eye Center is issuing a call for proposals for two different art exhibits related to vision that we are curating: a permanent collection which will be housed in the new Mid-Valley Health Center and an exhibit that will be held at Art Access Gallery from April 17 – May 8th, 2015. The deadline for […]

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  9. How To Make An ARVO (Or Any Scientific Meeting) Poster

    It is now less than a month before the 2014 ARVO, this year being held in Orlando, Florida and many folks will be starting to put their posters together for the meeting.  Ideally, you should have already started, and there are many ways to do it, but judging from the Webvision server logs, lots of folks […]

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  10. Glass Like Retinitis Pigmentosa

    In yet another example of art imitating life.  At the last ARVO meeting, a couple of us went up to the Chihuly garden in Seattle and ran across a piece of blown glass which stunningly, reminded me of what the human retina looks like in a patient suffering from the blinding disease, retinitis pigmentosa. More over on Jonesblog.  

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  11. Happy Holidays, 2013 From Webvision

    Happy Holidays from Webvision.  We wish you a happy, healthy and productive holiday season and New Year. Gabe Luna from Steve Fisher and Geoff Lewis’s retinal cell biology group at UC Santa Barbara Neuroscience Research Institute provided this festive laser confocal image of a wholemount from a normal retina with dye-filled retinal astrocytes using Lucifer Yellow (green) and Alexa Fluor 568 (red) […]

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  12. The Evolution of Disease

    We have another beautiful image (larger size image here) from Gabe Luna in Steve Fisher’s and Geoff Lewis‘ group.  This image representing the evolution of disease post retinal detachment, earned Honorable Mention in the 2013 Olympus Bioscapes International Digital Imaging Competition. The image is a 60x image using laser scanning confocal image of the murine retinal nerve […]

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  13. Abstract Human Retina

    This image of ganglion cells, Müller cells and starburst amacrine cells in the human retina is from a patient suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (RP).  This disease this patient suffered from slowly causes people affected with this disease to go blind and is a constant reminder to me of why we engage in our research. For some, this is a pretty, […]

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  14. Science Applications of Animated .gif Files

    The animated image above is a sequence of abstracted neuronal images from brain visual cortex that I originally posted here.  The images are from neurons labeled with different probes, though that is not important for the discussion here.  What is relevant is that I’ve been wondering why science does not more widely implement animated GIFS to explain and represent […]

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  15. GFAP And Collagen IV In Retina

    Friend of Webvision, Gabriel Luna sent this laser confocal image of a wholemount from a normal mouse retina immuno-stained with anti-GFAP (red; astrocytes) and anti-Collagen IV (blue; blood vessels).  Gabe is out of the Steve Fisher and Geoff Lewis’s retinal cell biology group at UC Santa Barbara Neuroscience Research Institute. Thanks Gabe!    

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  16. Visual Cortex Neuron

    This is a fluorescently tagged primary visual cortex neuron from a light microscope capture of a brain slice preparation.  These data were focus stacked revealing a tremendous amount of detail including the spines.  Focus stacking is common method in confocal microscopy, but many folks do not realize that you can also do it with traditional […]

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  17. Silicone Oil In Anterior Chamber

    This image shows a slit lamp retro-illumination photograph through dilated pupil revealing silicone oil in anterior chamber following retinal re-attachment surgery.  Silicone oil is a commonly used approach for retinal tamponade during surgery in the vitreous or for retinal reattachment surgery.  While the silicone does assist with successful reattachment, often it causes optical complications resulting […]

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  18. Normal Explode

    This image for the Art of Vision category was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center is an artistic rendering created from a fundoscopic of a normal human retina and retinal vasculature.  

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  19. Human Retina With Astrocytes And Microglia

    This image from Scott McLeod from Jerry Lutty’s lab, is a wholemount human retina preparation triple labeled with fluorescent antibodies that stain blood vessels (blue), astrocytes (red) and microglia (green).  The specimen was imaged on a Zeiss 710 Confocal Microscope and is merged from 46 optical Z sections. It originally appeared on Flickr here.  You […]

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  20. Happy Holidays 2012 And A Happy New Year In 2013

    We at Webvision would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a happy New Year in 2013.  Continuing on the theme from last years holiday season wishes, we have for you a colorful holiday image titled “Connectomics, First Light” from Robert E. Marc utilizing data generated by Scott Lauritzen, Crystal Sigulinsky […]

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  21. Congenital Iris Vessel Crossing The Pupil

    Grand Rounds for today is an interesting finding of an anomalous congenital blood vessel that crosses the front of a pupil, relaxing when the pupil is small, and pulling taut when the pupil becomes is dilated.  The image above is relaxed with a small pupil.

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  22. Nikon Small World 2012 Finalist Michael Bridge

    The University of Utah‘s own Michael Bridge from the HSC Core Research Facilities, Cell Imaging Lab at the University of Utah is a finalist in Nikon’s Small World Competition for 2012 and represents the vision community in this competition for us with his 7th place photography entry of a Drosophila melanogaster eye organ (third-instar larvae). Congratulations to all the winners, but […]

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  23. Nikon Small World 2012 Finalist Ryan Williamson

    W. Ryan Williamson from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Ashburn, Virginia is a finalist in Nikon’s Small World Competition for 2012 and represents the vision community in this competition for us with his 4th place photography entry of a Drosophila melanogaster visual system. Congratulations to all the winners, but from us here at Webvision, special […]

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  24. Astrocytes and Vasculature

    This laser confocal image shows a GFP transgenic mouse retina under the control of the GFAP promoter stained with anti-Collagen IV (blue), anti-GFAP (red) and anti-GFP (green).  These labels not only show the spatial relationship of individual astrocytes to one another, but also the vasculature.   Image provided by Gabriel Luna out of the Steve Fisher and Geoff […]

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  25. Vision Research EU 2012 Picture Competition Winners

    Vision Research EU has announced the winners of this years Picture Competition.  Winners come from around the world including amazingly beautiful images from Amanda Barber, Nicole Körber, Kasi Sandhanam, Kim Baxter, Mike Francke, Tobias Duncker, Young Joon Jo, Jyan L Crayton, Graham Cater and Reenu Varaiya.  Click the link and check them out.

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