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  1. Harris Ripps Memorial At ARVO

    At this year’s ARVO meeting in Denver, please join us for a session honoring the memory of Dr. Harris Ripps. Tuesday 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Room 708/710/712 Dr. Harris Ripps (1927 – 2014), Proctor Medal winner and past ARVO President, devoted his scientific career to studies on the retina and on causes of visual loss […]

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  2. Who’s That? Wolfgang Baehr

    This photograph of a young scientist in training is the second in the Who’s That? category here on Webvision.  The inaugural post in this category explains the idea behind these posts, but this post shows us, as you’ve deduced from the post title, a young Wolfgang Baehr seen in the Institute for Physical Chemistry at the […]

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  3. Secret Societies And The Restoration Of Vision

    The desire to restore vision, once lost is as old as man itself. This article by Noah Shachtman in Wired’s Danger Room documents the discovery of a 250 year old code complete with secret society.  Its interesting reading from a variety of perspectives and has some wonderful photographs of the text and “blindfold goggles”, but […]

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  4. Ophthalmologic Care In The 1800s

    CBS news has a post up with a collection of photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries of ophthalmologic care from the extensive and excellent archives of The Burns Archive, one of the largest collections of early medical photography in the world curated by Dr. Stanley B. Burns.  Note: some images are potentially disturbing.

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