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  1. David Carpenter, Maker Of Glass Eyes

    Ocularists are specialists that mix art and science to create artificial eyes.  The profession has existed since the 5th century and is one we don’t often hear about, yet it is a service for people to create a cosmetic artificial replacement eye that is tremendously important. We’ve featured the work of David Carpenter before here on […]

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  2. Nobel Prize Discoveries Pave Way for Curing Mind and Sight Diseases

    The BrightFocus Foundation has a wonderful post out that describes Yoshinori Ohsumi’s Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded this year.  The post covers the work that led up to the Nobel as well as the applications of this work to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) being explored by BrightFocus funded investigator, Debasish Sinha.

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  3. SciShow: How Different Animals and Insects Visually Process the World Around Them

    This is a fun and pretty accurate Youtube video on how different animals (vertebrates and invertebrates) visually process the world.  There is so much to learn from the evolution of the eye and we here on Webvision are always happy to see basic science and the science of vision being communicated to the wider public. Note: I first saw […]

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  4. Why Do Goat Eyes Look The Way They Do?

    There is a new Explorer special based on an article in the latest issue of National Geographic with Michael Stevens (@tweetsauce), Unlocking The Eyes that is well worth checking out. In the video above, Michael interviews Marty Banks and William Sprague about why many prey animals like goats have the eye anatomy they do. i.e., […]

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  5. How To Make A Prosthetic Eye

    One of my favorite movie lines is in Blade Runner when Hannibal Chew tells Roy Batty that he designed his eyes. Until reality catches up with science fiction, eye design is still in the hands of designing prosthetic and attractive, but non-functional eyes. This intriguing video features David Carpenter of the Ocular prosthetics division of […]

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  6. First Photograph Of Light As Wave And Particle

    Ever since the first proposal that light exists as both a wave and a particle, people have been attempting experiments designed to directly view both the particle and wave aspects of light simultaneously.  This theory won Albert Einstein the Nobel Prize in 1921 and now, a new paper in Nature claims to have done just this. […]

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  7. Prado Museum Opens Expo For The Blind

    The famous Prado Museum in Madrid has opened up a new exposition for the blind by making a combination of elaborate copies of six of the museum’s masterworks through 3D printing and painted reproductions.  The whole idea is for the blind to be able to touch the works and open up a whole new arena […]

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  8. TEDEd Evolution Of The Human Eye

    There is a great TED-Ed video on “The Evolution of the Human Eye” with some very clever animation.  The video itself is short and geared towards the college level, and while some of the conjecture at the end contains some far out statements, it is a fun few minutes.  

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  9. Artist Sargy Mann, Blind For Last 25 Yrs

    The artist Sargy Mann has painted most of his life, but in his mid-30s, progressive development of cataracts followed by retinal detachments and corneal perforations brought complete blindness.  However, Sargy Mann continued to paint, developing an amazing collection of work that has encompassed landscapes, still life work and his latest work, standing figures.  The BBC has […]

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  10. Touchable Memories

    “If you were blind, how would you “see” a photo?” This is another area where 3D printing can revolutionize people’s lives.  Making 3D prints from photographs enables physical representation of imagery.  The Singapore based company that is doing this social experiment is called called Pirate3D with easy to use 3D printers.  The director of this film […]

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  11. Evolution Of The Avian Visual System

    There is a great online chapter covering the Evolution of the Avian Visual System by Scott Husband and Toru Shimizu covering everything from brain evolution in dinosaurs to retinal structure and post retinal pathways. Also, if evolution of visual systems interests you, don’t forget to read the Webvision chapter Evolution of Phototransduction, Vertebrate photoreceptors and Retina by Trevor […]

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  12. Hubel and Wiesel & the Neural Basis of Visual Perception

    The Knowing Neurons blog has a wonderful post on two of the pioneers of neuroscience, David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel with a little video of neurons from the visual cortex playing while being stimulated and another video of Hubel and Wiesel describing their cat experiment.  Its well worth a few minutes of your time.   […]

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  13. Amazing Macro Photos Of Animal Eyes

    Photographer Suren Manvelyan has produced an amazing collection of photographs of eyes over the last couple of years.  He started with a phenomenal set of images from human eyes and has now expanded his collections to include 3 sets of animal eyes. Part 1, Part 2 and now Part 3. Spending some time looking through […]

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  14. Why Do We Have Blind Spots… And How To See The Blood Vessels Inside Your Own Eye

    A Lo-Fi video, but largely correct and a pretty well done explanation of why we have blind spots in our eyes and the general physiological reason for why we don’t typically “see” or notice our blind spots.

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  15. A Different Lens

    Jery October has put together a supercut/short film of a montage of eyes in cinema set to Jackson Browne’s Doctor My Eyes.  The short was edited by Bob Joyce and presented at the Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremony which benefitted The Vision Center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. It starts with City Lights, one of […]

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  16. Crazy Circle Illusion

    This video by brusspup on Youtube shows a series of moving white circles that travel in straight lines… the trick is the illusion of circular motion through relative timing of the linear motion.  Well done. See Brusspup’s Youtube channel for additional, really spectacular illusions and scientific visualizations.

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  17. Evolution of Sight in the Animal Kingdom

    This amazing video produced by the History Channel, Vision and Evolution of the Eye is well worth 40 minutes of your time.  The evolution of visual systems is something that we here at Webvision are very interested in.  Also note that we have an excellent chapter on the Evolution of Phototransduction, Vertebrate Photoreceptors and Retina by […]

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  18. Blind Kenyan Runner Has Far-Reaching Vision

    NPR has a wonderful story of childhood friends, Henry Wanyoike and Joseph Kibunja who started running together as children 30 years ago and are still running in competition today.  That is a remarkable story enough, but even more compelling is that Wanyoike is blind from a stroke that cost him his sight and Kibunja is […]

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  19. Now Available in Trichromatic Color! on Knowing Neurons

    There is a short but fun post over on Knowing Neurons that looks to be part of a series on color and how color is perceived.  Its got some great visuals by the guest author Raz and I can’t wait to see what she has to say about oppositional antagonism.

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  20. Notes On Blindness

    “In 1983, after years of deteriorating vision, John Hull went completely blind. For the next three years he kept a diary on audiocassette. This film is a dramatization using his original recordings.”

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  21. Story And Photoessay About Seeing Impaired Mothers

    There is an article in Real Simple along with photography by the amazing portrait photographer Peter Hapak of seeing impaired mothers, their children and guide dogs.  The article is well worth reading and gives one some insight into the challenges and difficulties facing vision impaired moms and is an inspiring read for those of us who’s […]

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  22. Color Blindness: What Does It Look Like?

    One of the common questions people have is what it means to be colorblind since that is one of the common visual deficit manifestations that they can relate to.  Color blindness (pretty good article on Wikipedia there) is very common and just about everyone knows someone who does not see the world quite like they do because […]

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  23. Describing Colors To Blind People

    Tommy Edison, The Blind Film Critic has been blind since birth.  In this sort video from his Youtube Film Channel, he discusses the concept of color to a person who has never before seen.  Tommy also has lots of additional videos that give some insight into how the blind navigate through life.  For those of […]

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  24. Was Van Gogh Colorblind?

    A friend of mine (and amazing landscape/nature photographer) Jim Goldstein sent me a Tweet and pointed out simmering new conjecture in the art community that Vincent Van Gogh might have been color blind, specifically a protanope.  I seem to remember some discussion of this years ago, particularly given that one can rather nicely simulate both protanopia […]

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  25. Your Central Visual Field by XKCD

    This little bit of visual comic brilliance comes to you by way of XKCD. Click here for the full size image from the XKCD website.  XKCD is one of my all time favorite websites with a new comic posted fairly routinely.  I’ve been following the author of XKCD, Randall Munroe since his very first postings […]

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