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  1. Portrait of Vision Scientist: Jun Yang

    Jun Yang‘s lab focuses on the molecular mechanisms of hereditary retinal degenerative diseases, focusing specifically on the mechanisms of a set of inherited diseases in Usher Syndrome where people go blind and deaf due to defects in the cytoskeleton of photoreceptors in the eye and hair cells in the ear.  She explores the cell biology of photoreceptors with […]

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  2. Portrait Of Vision Scientist: Ann Morris

    Ann Morris from the University of Kentucky studies the zebrafish (Danio rerio).  In particular, she studies the ability of zebrafish retinas to regenerate following retinal injury or damage.  Retinal regeneration is an interesting phenomenon that mammalians seem to lack and yet zebrafish manage to do this despite having a retina that in many ways is far […]

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  3. Dr. Bäerbel Rohrer In Berlin

    My colleague Dr. Wolfgang Baehr at the University of Utah sends this image of friend of Webvision, Dr. Bäerbel Rohrer from Medical University, South Carolina taken last week when they ran into each other in Berlin, Germany. Its always fun to run into friends and colleagues in different parts of the world.  We will look forward to […]

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  4. Portrait Of Vision Scientist: Stuart Mangel, Ph.D.

    This image of Stuart Mangel was made in Berlin, Germany at the 2012 ISER meeting.  Stuart is Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Ohio State University.  Stuart came out of John Dowling’s lab at Harvard and has contributed mightily to our understanding of synaptic plasticity, circadian rhythms and retinal circuitry/information processing in the retina. Its […]

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  5. Portrait Of Vision Scientist: Michael Redmond, Ph.D.

    We have a category here on Webvision for historical images of scientists called Who’s That? designed to show portraits of vision scientists in historical context.  Where they came from, etc…  After discussing some, we thought it would be nice to have some more contemporary imagery as well.  Of course if Webvision sticks around for years […]

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  6. Who’s That? Wolfgang Baehr

    This photograph of a young scientist in training is the second in the Who’s That? category here on Webvision.  The inaugural post in this category explains the idea behind these posts, but this post shows us, as you’ve deduced from the post title, a young Wolfgang Baehr seen in the Institute for Physical Chemistry at the […]

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  7. Who’s That? Ning Tian

    This is the first photograph in a new category, “Who’s That?”, a evolving compendium of found imagery from years back of vision scientists.  The idea is that on occasion, one runs across imagery of vision scientists from other times and it makes for a compelling look back at history.  At the 2007 ARVO, Don Fox […]

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