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  1. New Webvision Chapter: Retinal Degeneration, Remodeling and Plasticity

    We have a new Webvision chapter on Retinal Degeneration, Remodeling and Plasticity! Check it out here.

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  2. New Webvision Chapter: Evolution of Phototransduction, Vertebrate Photoreceptors and Retina

    After much work by a number of our contributors, not the least of whom is the author of this particular effort, we have a spectacular new addition to Webvision:  A section on the Evolution of Phototransduction, Vertebrate Photoreceptors and Retina by Trevor D. Lamb.  Be sure to check it out and let us know what you […]

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  3. Review: Optogenetic Investigation of Neural Circuits Underlying Brain Disease in Animal Models

    Kay M. Tye and Karl Deisseroth have published a really nice review paper in Nature Reviews on using optogenetics toolkits to study neural systems for brain disease.  

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  4. Review: Defective Trafficking of Rhodopsin and Its Role In Retinal Degenerations

    This is a great review paper on the role of rhodopsin trafficking and its influence on retinal degenerative disease by TJ Hollingsworth and Alecia Gross.  Rhodopsin delocalization in rod photoreceptors has been recognized for some time as one of the first indications of retinal photoreceptor cell stress in retinal degenerative diseases, so I was intrigued […]

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