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  1. JR Art Installation, Paper Eye With The NYC Ballet

    Browsing through the latest issue of National Geographic, with a must read, but emotionally difficult article on The Invisible War on the Brain, I came across a phenomenal image of an eye that really grabbed my attention.  The French artist, JR did an amazing large-scale photograph installation last February at the David H. Koch Theater […]

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  2. Call For Proposals, Vision Art Exhibit

    The Moran Eye Center is issuing a call for proposals for two different art exhibits related to vision that we are curating: a permanent collection which will be housed in the new Mid-Valley Health Center and an exhibit that will be held at Art Access Gallery from April 17 – May 8th, 2015. The deadline for […]

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  3. Retina, 2002 from Deborah Aschheim

    We here at Webvision love art, particularly scientific art or scientifically inspired art.  Friend of Webvision, Nancy Parmalee pointed “Retina” out the other day on Twitter and it turns out “Retina” is/was an art installation in 2002 by Deborah Aschheim at the Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts.  I don’t know if it is still in place.  Any […]

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  4. Iris Sphere

    We present to you for your Friday viewing, another entry in the Art of Vision category, an artistic image of a montage of the iris and pupil from James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center

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  5. Blue Man Group does Rods and Cones

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