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  1. Now Available in Trichromatic Color! on Knowing Neurons

    There is a short but fun post over on Knowing Neurons that looks to be part of a series on color and how color is perceived.  Its got some great visuals by the guest author Raz and I can’t wait to see what she has to say about oppositional antagonism.

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  2. Wavelengths Of Light From Our Sun

    The National Optical Astronomy Observatory has assembled a high resolution image showing the spectrum of our Sun from 296 to 1300nm.  Its interesting to note that visual systems on planet Earth have evolved to detect wavelengths of light given off by our sun and those wavelengths are solar specific.  Other stars radiate different wavelengths, but I’d […]

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  3. Interesting Article: On the Perception, Production And Function Of Blue Colouration In Animals

    Kate D. L. Umbers has published an interesting manuscript, titled “On the perception, production and function of blue colouration in animals”.  Its available for free at the Journal of Zoology here and covers those studies that have proposed a function for blue coloration in the animal kingdom, taking a multi-disciplinary approach before taking you on a […]

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  4. Describing Colors To Blind People

    Tommy Edison, The Blind Film Critic has been blind since birth.  In this sort video from his Youtube Film Channel, he discusses the concept of color to a person who has never before seen.  Tommy also has lots of additional videos that give some insight into how the blind navigate through life.  For those of […]

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