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  1. Evo Devo Connectomics Of Sensory Circuit For Visual Navigation

    There is an interesting paper from an evo devo perspective out of the Jékely laboratory, looking at the connectomics of some of the earliest of organized visual systems in the Platynereis dumerilii larva.  They have described a visual circuit consisting of 71 neurons and 1,106 “connections”.  The cool thing about this study was that they were also […]

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  2. Seminar: Neuronal Network Anatomy From Large-Scale Electron Microscopy

    Davi Bock, Group Leader at Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute will be delivering a seminar in the Eccles Institute of Human Genetics auditorium on Neuronal Network Anatomy From Large-Scale Electron Microscopy on Wednesday, October 29th at 4:00pm.  

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  3. A Synaptic Basis for Small World Network Design in the ON Inner Plexiform Layer of the Rabbit Retina

    This abstract was presented today at the 2014 Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology (ARVO) meetings in Orlando, Florida by J Scott Lauritzen, Noah T. Nelson, Crystal L. Sigulinsky, Nathan Sherbotie, John Hoang, Rebecca L. Pfeiffer, James R. Anderson, Carl B. Watt, Bryan W. Jones and Robert E. Marc. Purpose: Converging evidence suggests that large- and intermediate-scale neural networks throughout the nervous system exhibit small world’ […]

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  4. Abstract Human Retina

    This image of ganglion cells, Müller cells and starburst amacrine cells in the human retina is from a patient suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (RP).  This disease this patient suffered from slowly causes people affected with this disease to go blind and is a constant reminder to me of why we engage in our research. For some, this is a pretty, […]

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  5. Seminar: Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Towards Disentangling Adult Spinal Neural Circuits

    The Marclab Connectomics Group presents Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar who will deliver a seminar at the Moran Eye Center tomorrow at 4pm on October 8th, 2013 entitled Towards Disentangling Adult Spinal Neural Circuits.  His talk will discuss the neurobiology of ultrafast spinal motor networks and imaging networks with field ion beam milling connectomics. What does this have to do with vision? […]

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  6. Building Retinal Connectomes

    There has been quite a bit of discussion of connectomes in the last while with President Obama’s new BRAIN initiative.  It is important to consider some of the requirements of obtaining a true synapse level wiring map in the brain as many are articulating from this initiative.  While there are new technologies that will be […]

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  7. Notable Paper: On Cone Bipolar Cell Axonal Synapses In The OFF Inner Plexiform Layer Of The Rabbit Retina

    This paper in the Journal of Comparative Neurology by  J. Scott Lauritzen, James R. Anderson, Bryan W. Jones, Carl B. Watt, Shoeb Mohammed, John V. Hoang and Robert E. Marc is another effort out of the Marc Laboratory For Connectomics that continues to define complete neural circuits to completeness. This paper is another elucidation of data from the first Rabbit Retinal Connectome volume (RC1) that reveals […]

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  8. Happy Holidays 2012 And A Happy New Year In 2013

    We at Webvision would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a happy New Year in 2013.  Continuing on the theme from last years holiday season wishes, we have for you a colorful holiday image titled “Connectomics, First Light” from Robert E. Marc utilizing data generated by Scott Lauritzen, Crystal Sigulinsky […]

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