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  1. Hubel and Wiesel & the Neural Basis of Visual Perception

    The Knowing Neurons blog has a wonderful post on two of the pioneers of neuroscience, David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel with a little video of neurons from the visual cortex playing while being stimulated and another video of Hubel and Wiesel describing their cat experiment.  Its well worth a few minutes of your time.   […]

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  2. David Hubel 1926-2013

    David Hubel, one of the true giants in the field of neuroscience and visual neuroscience died on September 22nd.  His work on visual cortex helped inform and guide our understanding of how the visual system functions and for that work, he and Torsten Wiesel shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1981.  Most of us […]

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