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  1. What It Looks Like To Be Colorblind, Part II

    We’ve linked to posts before about what it looks like to people who are colorblind complete with animated gifs, but there is a new resource of gifs from the U.K.’s Clinic Compare that have a more film like quality and include a wider variety of color blindness forms.  We include a number of them below […]

    Sep 12, 2016 — Read more No Comments
  2. Was Van Gogh Colorblind?

    A friend of mine (and amazing landscape/nature photographer) Jim Goldstein sent me a Tweet and pointed out simmering new conjecture in the art community that Vincent Van Gogh might have been color blind, specifically a protanope.  I seem to remember some discussion of this years ago, particularly given that one can rather nicely simulate both protanopia […]

    Aug 29, 2012 — Read more 1 Comment