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  1. JR Art Installation, Paper Eye With The NYC Ballet

    Browsing through the latest issue of National Geographic, with a must read, but emotionally difficult article on The Invisible War on the Brain, I came across a phenomenal image of an eye that really grabbed my attention.  The French artist, JR did an amazing large-scale photograph installation last February at the David H. Koch Theater […]

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  2. Makeup Artist Paints Realistic Third Eye, On Her Lips

    Since Webvision is all about eyes, this was a fun image…  Makeup artist Sandra Holmbom is a phenomenal talent, creating impressive illusions with makeup.  This time, she created an eyeball with perspective eyelashes, iris and pupil on her lips.  The effect is a little discomforting, especially with the teeth.  But its fun. Hat tip to […]

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  3. Congenital Iris Vessel Crossing The Pupil

    Grand Rounds for today is an interesting finding of an anomalous congenital blood vessel that crosses the front of a pupil, relaxing when the pupil is small, and pulling taut when the pupil becomes is dilated.  The image above is relaxed with a small pupil.

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  4. Pupilloplasty

    The pupil is the aperture through which light passes into the eye and is created by the circular ring of thin muscles known as the iris.  These images are from a pupilloplasty made with a 10.0 prolene suture.  Pupilloplasties are designed to reconstruct the shape of the pupil, typically after traumatic damage or other surgical […]

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  5. Pseudoexfoliation

    This image demonstrates pseudo-exfoliation syndrome of the lens capsule.  

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  6. Iris Tumor Goniometer

    Iris tumors are fairly common and have been featured here on Webvision before.  Most “tumors” are actually cysts or benign nevi, but malignant melanomas also can occur.  

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  7. Iris Tumor

    This image demonstrates an iris tumor that is sitting in the angle.  Photograph was made by James Gilman of the Moran Eye Center using a Goldmann 3-mirror lens scatter illumination with a Zeiss photo slitlamp and a Nikon D-1X camera.    

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