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  1. Photonic Crystal Light Collectors In Fish Retina Improve Vision In Turbid Water

    Fish have some of the most amazing retinas in the animal kingdom.  Like other fish species that live in environments with little to no light, the elephantnose fish (Gnathonemus petersii) use electrical fields to navigate through dark and murky waters.  However, unlike some of those species, the elephantnose fish has not lost its eyes through evolution […]

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  2. Vision Research EU 2012 Picture Competition Winners

    Vision Research EU has announced the winners of this years Picture Competition.  Winners come from around the world including amazingly beautiful images from Amanda Barber, Nicole Körber, Kasi Sandhanam, Kim Baxter, Mike Francke, Tobias Duncker, Young Joon Jo, Jyan L Crayton, Graham Cater and Reenu Varaiya.  Click the link and check them out.

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