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  1. Visual Cortex Neuron

    This is a fluorescently tagged primary visual cortex neuron from a light microscope capture of a brain slice preparation.  These data were focus stacked revealing a tremendous amount of detail including the spines.  Focus stacking is common method in confocal microscopy, but many folks do not realize that you can also do it with traditional […]

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  2. Microglia Sculpt Postnatal Neural Circuits In An Activity And Complement-Dependent Manner

    This very cool study by Dorothy P. Schafer, Emily K. Lehrman, Amanda G. Kautzman, Ryuta Koyama, Alan R. Mardinly, Ryo Yamasaki, Richard M. Ransohoff, Michael E. Greenberg, Ben A. Barres and Beth Stevens demonstrates how the immune system can participate in the circuitry of the developing mouse lateral genicular nucleus (LGN).

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  3. Something For The Cortex…

    A focus stacked image of a photo-filled cortical neuron from Alessandra Angelucci’s laboratory.

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