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  1. Peek Vision, Retinal Exams With Smart Phones

    We talked about using smartphones for ophthalmological examinations before here on Webvision, and we now have a bit more information into the logistics of how the Peek Vision project will be done on this Mashable post with a clip on attachment being developed through funding from an Indiegogo campaign.   There is also a wonderful background video of TED […]

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  2. Seminar: Clayton J. Radke, Topical Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

    Clay Radke, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vision Science at University of California, Berkeley (lab page here) will be delivering a seminar, Topical Ophthalmic Drug Delivery on September 23rd, 2013 at 4:00pm in the John A. Moran Eye Center auditorium. Abstract: Despite considerable inefficiency, topical ophthalmic drug delivery remains the main application modality to the […]

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  3. Ophthalmologic Care In The 1800s

    CBS news has a post up with a collection of photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries of ophthalmologic care from the extensive and excellent archives of The Burns Archive, one of the largest collections of early medical photography in the world curated by Dr. Stanley B. Burns.  Note: some images are potentially disturbing.

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  4. Webvision Voted First Place in Best Websites 2011 in Vision Research and Ophthalmology

      Webvision has just been voted First Place in the TOP 10 Websites in Vision Research and Ophthalmology.  Second place went to the Atlas of Ophthalmology, Third to the National Eye Institute, Fourth to European Vision Institute, Fifth to the Institut de la Vision, Sixth to Foundation Fighting Blindness Canada, Seventh to The Nuffield Laboratory […]

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