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  1. Lasker/IRRF Report On Restoring Vision

    I participated in the Lasker/IRRF Initiative on Restoring Vision to the Blind in March 2014. It was a great session of research leaders working on various approaches to restore visual function lost by retinal degenerative disease. The purpose of the meeting was to identify the key issues hampering research progress and to develop innovative proposals […]

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  2. Review: Optogenetic Investigation of Neural Circuits Underlying Brain Disease in Animal Models

    Kay M. Tye and Karl Deisseroth have published a really nice review paper in Nature Reviews on using optogenetics toolkits to study neural systems for brain disease.  

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  3. Notable Paper: Virally Delivered Channelrhodopsin-2 Safely and Effectively Restores Visual Function in Multiple Mouse Models of Blindness

    This truly groundbreaking paper by M Mehdi Doroudchi, Kenneth P Greenberg, Jianwen Liu, Kimberly A Silka, Edward S Boyden, Jennifer A Lockridge, A Cyrus Arman, Ramesh Janani, Shannon E Boye, Sanford L Boye, Gabriel M Gordon, Benjamin C Matteo, Alapakkam P Sampath, William W Hauswirth and Alan Horsager demonstrates that channelrhodopsin-2, a cation channel from […]

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  4. Alan Horsager speaks at TEDx

    I was talking with Dr. Alan Horsager the other day and was pleased to find out that he gave a brief talk at TEDx USC.  His talk was on a set of technologies and an approach that we in the Marclab are collaborating…

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