JR Art Installation, Paper Eye With The NYC Ballet

New York City Ballet

Browsing through the latest issue of National Geographic, with a must read, but emotionally difficult article on The Invisible War on the Brain, I came across a phenomenal image of an eye that really grabbed my attention.  The French artist, JR did an amazing large-scale photograph installation last February at the David H. Koch Theater at the Lincoln Center.  This photograph was 80 of the dancers with the New York City Ballet, posing on a massive sheet of paper arranged to resemble a human eye.  This art project was done as part of the NYCB 2014 Art Series and I am just now becoming aware of it.  Looks like it was an amazing installation.  Sorry to have missed it.


There is an interesting Youtube on the behind the scenes.  The large scale photograph was only one part of the Art Series as other images included various aspects of ballet printed on distressed wood. For more images of the project, check out this site.


The pupil is the aperture through which light passes into the eye and is created by the circular ring of thin muscles known as the iris.  These images are from a pupilloplasty made with a 10.0 prolene suture.  Pupilloplasties are designed to reconstruct the shape of the pupil, typically after traumatic damage or other surgical procedures that alter the pupils shape.  A damaged or non-functional pupil due to trauma can result in substantial visual glare and inability to properly adjust the amount of light entering the patients eye, so surgical repair is of substantial benefit. Continue reading “Pupilloplasty”