Benham’s Top Illusion

Benhams Top

Benham’s Top or Benham’s disk is named after Charles Benham, a toy maker but also an amateur scientist who contributed and published articles to the likes of Nature.  Benham’s observation with a toy top was relayed through an article in Nature in 1894 that described a visual phenomenon generated by a toy top painted like the above image.  When spun, the Fechner color effect is perceived.  Not everyone perceives the same colors…


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Amazing Anamorphic Illusions

This illusion has been making the rounds on the Internet lately and we here at Webvision thought we’d share it with this crowd.  These anamorphic illusions are reminiscent of some of the sidewalk chalk paintings that have become popular recently that rely on highly distorted or skewed representations (Ponzo Illusion) of objects or situations that rely on interpretation of perspective to create the illusion.

The Brusspup Youtube Channel has recently posted a number of actually really wonderful illusions, large and small and is worth a few minutes of your time.