Happy Holidays 2012 And A Happy New Year In 2013

First Light Connectomics

We at Webvision would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a happy New Year in 2013.  Continuing on the theme from last years holiday season wishes, we have for you a colorful holiday image titled “Connectomics, First Light” from Robert E. Marc utilizing data generated by Scott Lauritzen, Crystal Sigulinsky and John Vo Hoang.

What we are seeing is a necklace of coupled retinal bipolar cells linked by sparse suboptical gap junctions, fundamentally new circuitry for retinal processing.  There is much more to this story, but we’ll wait until the publication.  For now, consider these data generated from the Connectomics project in the Marclab at the Moran Eye Center to be a colorful holiday image that represents our best wishes to you.