Notable paper: Lhx2 Balances Progenitor Maintenance With Neurogenic Output And Promotes Competence State Progression In The Developing Retina

Levine Cover J Neurosci

The Levine lab here at the Moran Eye Center has a new publication out in the Journal of Neuroscience and even scored the cover.  Specifically, the manuscript was authored by Patrick J. Gordon, Sanghee Yun, Anna M. Clark, Edwin S. Monuki, L. Charles Murtaugh, and Edward M. Levine.  The Levine team explored how multipotent retinal progenitor cells  (RPCs) control the ordered production of the major cell types in the mouse retina.  The key finding in this manuscript is that the Lim/Homeodomain protein, Lhx2, is a progenitor-intrinsic regulator of maintenance/self-renewal, precursor production, and competence progression. They arrived at this conclusion by generating Lhx2 conditional knockout mice at multiple stages of development using an inducible Cre-driver (Hes1CreERT2) that specifically targets progenitor cells. This approach allowed them to perform day-by-day inactivations, achieving a temporal scale of gene expression control not previously reported in the retina. This is an important advance because the properties of RPCs are constantly changing, and we are now able to directly test the regulation of these properties in an appropriate temporal manner. As such, The Levine team has identified Lhx2 as an RPC-intrinsic factor that regulates maintenance, precursor fate, and competence simultaneously.

February VIG Meeting Announcement

2013-02-21VIG-Seminar Flyer

This is the first Vision Interest Group (VIG) notice here on Webvision.  The VIG is designed as a resource for students and post-docs to present their work/research to their contemporaries and all interested parties who wish to attend and participate.

The February VIG at the John A. Moran Eye Center will be held on February 21st from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the John A. Moran Eye Center auditorium on the 1st floor.

Research Reports:
Patrick Gordon, Levine Lab, Grad Student:”Lhx2 balances self-renewal with neurogenic output and promotes competence state progression in retinal progenitor cells”

Jessica (Li) Jiang, Baehr Lab, Postdoc: “Heterotrimeric Kinesin-II is required for photoreceptor outer segment formation and maintenance”

Moderator: Peter Barabas, Postdoc from the Krizaj lab.

Pizza from The Pie is kindly provided by Dr. Robert E. Marc.


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