Portraits of Looks by Stefano da Luigi

This project called “Bianco, a multimedia project on visual deficiencies” by an amazing photographer/photojournalist Stefano da Luigi was sent by photojournalist extraordinaire and friend of Webvision, Trent Nelson.  Stefano da Luigi’s work in this photoessay, a winner of the Visa Pour L’Image, Perpignan 2011 Multimedia Award is a stunningly intimate series of images of people experiencing aspects of blindness or the clinical treatment of low vision.  Images like these are tacit reminders of why those of us do the research we do… They are why we engage in long days and longer nights of work…  They are why we fight long odds of funding and strive to change the world for people that suffer from visual deficits and blindness.

Webvision hopes that its readers will take the time to click through to these images and use them as touchstones to guide your work.